Welcome to Final Horizon. We are a group of players from multiple servers that decided to venture out on our own. Our server Owner, Drifter_Hex, served as a moderator on LogicCraft prior to the server's demise. He has run multiple clans, guilds, factions, and armies across multiple games, and has the ability to write and repair any coding that our server may need. SirLiger472, our second in command also hails from LogicCraft, he brings the world to a crashing halt after any changes made so we can stay running 24/7. A crash test dummy through and through, but a tough admin when absolutely needed. He has no fear in who he makes mad over his decisions. Fireangel766 comes from multiple servers, she keeps the peace when the other 2 are not available. Her buildings are beautiful in design as well as functional. Do not underestimate her though, she will take you down if needed.

We offer Donation packs for those interested inhelping to pay for our server hosting and upgrades as needed. Please be sure to send a server admin a message about what package you have purchased.

As the server grows, we will offer other purchase options for in game items on here.

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